Program Overview.

Our Supply Chain Management major is correspondingly designed to provide students with a comprehensive skill set in Supply Chain Management while also leaving ample room in their schedules for foundational courses imperative for their long-term success. The ultimate goal of this major is to help students learn the skills necessary to secure an entry-level position in SCM, while also providing them with the educational background necessary for them to grow in their careers in the years to come. This program is offered in partnership with Rize Education.

How does this degree align with the real world?

As networks have continued to expand, Supply Chain Management (SCM) has become one of the most critical areas for companies with a need to move products around the globe. A total of 1.4 million new jobs in Supply Chain and Logistics were created from 2014-2018, and this growth is likely to continue as more and more companies recognize the importance of optimizing their supply chain.

Students who secure jobs in this field will be able to have a real impact, as global supply chains continue to proliferate and impact economies and environments throughout the world.

This program has been submitted to the Higher Learning Commission for approval, and is currently under review.