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Stang Stories

Morningside Mustang Illustration

Ava Arthur

"Though I originally planned to attend a larger school, Morningside just felt right. And even though I am still in Sioux City and close to home, being at Morningside feels different than the rest of Sioux City and it felt like a fresh start."

Caitlyn Evans

“I chose Morningside because I wanted to be close to home. I am really close with my brother and my grandparents and I wanted to be around in case they needed anything. Ultimately when I visited campus, I fell in love with the people and how it felt like home. I didn't have the same feeling with the other schools that I visited."

Casey Kruger

"The awesome help we got in financial planning, the genuine connections, and the perfect fit geography-wise just made everything click for me. The community here has been everything, especially the track team. They’re not just teammates; they’re like having another family."

Emilio DeWitt

"I absolutely fell in love with the campus when I visited and could see even early on that this place had a small, close-knit family feel that was going to be perfect for someone like me."

Isaiah Hinners

"When the time came to select a college, Morningside caught my eye because it seemed like I would be able to continue to be involved and everyone I talked to seemed to genuinely care about me and what I wanted out of my college experience."

KJ Williams

KJ Williams

“I came to Morningside to play football but when I looked into the Education Department, I started making goals to become a teacher and lead a classroom. Right away, I felt at home when I came on my visit.”

Miriam Moore

“Graphic design is one of those things that I can just do for hours on end and never get tired of it, so it’s really one of my biggest passions."

Nora Dahle

"My time at Morningside has been nothing short of magical. I’ve found a community within the Morningside Choir that epitomizes support and love, bolstering my confidence and sense of belonging."

Sydney Leuth

Sydney Lueth

“One of the things that actually sold me on Morningside was the education department, just because of how involved they want you to be in the classroom.”

Sydney Marlow

Sydney Marlow

“Being at a place where everyone is so proud to wear Morningside maroon and be part of the community is really special."