Program Overview.

The freedom to explore, but with guidance and a guarantee

We know that not knowing can be a little unsettling. Plus, college is a big investment.

On the X Path, you get up to four semesters to explore options for your future. During that time, you will be exposed to programs, opportunities, and people meant to help you reveal the right major for you. You will also get a lot of great experience and general career prep that will pay dividends regardless of your future direction.

Plus, (this one is for you, parents and supporters!) being on the X Path doesn’t change our Morningside XP Guarantee. Whether you spend one semester or four on the X Path, we will still hold to our guarantee that you will graduate in four years or less and have a job or be accepted to graduate school within six months of graduation, so long as you follow our requirements.

Being undecided has its advantages

In some ways, choosing the X Path provides more opportunities than our traditional majors, giving you confidence in your decision once you do find your path.

X Path students will:
  • Enjoy the promise of the XP Guarantee, which is our promise that you will graduate in four years or less and find a job or gain acceptance to graduate school within six months of graduation so long as you follow our requirements*
  • Have the option to double major and/or have multiple minors
  • Get support and assistance in finding the right major for you
  • Enjoy unique opportunities to network with Morningside alumni and other professionals
  • Experience Morningside’s personalized campus culture
  • Have access and connections available in Sioux City that are not found in smaller college towns
  • Gain on-the-job experience before the end of your second year at Morningside
  • Declare a major at the end of two years, or sooner if you choose

*Please review the requirements of the Morningside XP Guarantee