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We know that not knowing can be a little unsettling. Plus, college is a big investment. On the X Path, you get up to four semesters to explore options for your future. During that time, you will be exposed to programs, opportunities, and people meant to help you reveal the right major for you. You will also get a lot of great experience and general career prep that will pay dividends regardless of your future direction.


X Path (Undecided)


A Great Fit For

  • Students who want to explore majors and careers
  • Those who need support and assistance in finding the right major
  • Individuals who want a placeholder while they explore their academic interests at the beginning of their college career
  • Those who feel they know what they don’t want to study, not what they do
  • Anyone who wants to learn more about themselves


XP Guarantee

Enjoy the promise of the XP Guarantee, which is our promise that you will graduate in four years or less and find a job or gain acceptance to graduate school within six months of graduation so long as you follow our requirements
*Please review the requirements of the Morningside XP Guarantee

Freedom to Explore

The X Path is a guided program that gives you a place, time, and space to figure out your major. It’s our version of undecided. You can begin your Morningside experience and have up to four semesters (or as little as one!) to explore possibilities under the guidance of expert faculty and staff while staying on track for graduation

Guidance and Support

Get support and assistance in finding the right major for you and enjoy unique opportunities to network with Morningside alumni and other professionals. Have access and connections available in Sioux City that are not found in smaller college towns while gaining on-the-job experience before the end of your second year at Morningside


  • Create your Handshake account
  • Complete Strengths Quest
  • Use Summer Enrollment Days and Orientation to get connected with others on the X Path
  • One-on-one sessions with Career Services

You will dig into your Strength Quest results, learn decision-making strategies, and start exploring different careers through a series of career exploration activities, job shadowing, professional workshops, and more.

Continue your career exploration focusing on your Clifton Strengths results while taking part in intentional individualized career and major exploration. Finally, with support from our advisors, you’ll participate in focused career readiness activities such as résumé development and networking skills.

We’ll connect you with an alumni mentor who you can ask questions and connect with. You will also complete a one-credit experiential opportunity off campus.

Completion of a second one-credit experiential opportunity while taking part in an all-campus activity designed to reflect your X Path experience. Finally, you’ll declare your major.



Are you undecided about your career or exploring, and not sure where to start?  Our PathwayU career assessment can help you identify job titles within broad career areas by analyzing your interests, personalities, work values, and preferences. PathwayU is designed to guide learners to their purpose in order to find meaningful careers. Students can learn more about these careers as well as gather labor market information. 

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Career Communities

What are Career Communities

We are sure you’re tired of people asking, “What are you going to major in?”  That’s why we focus on your end game, helping you discover a sense of passion and purpose in your work.  Our approach encourages students to think beyond a single career path and explore a diverse range of options within a career community. This allows you to pursue your interests while also connecting with fellow students and industry professionals.

What are the Benefits?

By taking intentional steps towards your career goals from day one, you not only increase your chances of success but also gain a competitive edge when searching for internships and jobs. We believe in exposing our first-year students to various career fields and industries right from the start, empowering them to make informed decisions and shape their future.

Which Industries are Covered?

  • Arts, Media, and Communication
  • Education, Counseling, and Youth Development
  • Healthcare
  • Law, Government, and Social Service
  • Ag, Natural Science, and Sustainability
  • Business and Accounting
  • Data and Technology
  • Build your own!
    • We are happy to provide you with individual advising and assistance in figuring out what you are interested in!
agriculture students

Experience The X-Path

“The X Path program provided me with a way to enter college without feeling the pressure to declare a major right away. It also gave me resources to help figure out what I wanted to do, as well as surround me with people in a similar position as me so I didn’t feel so alone in not knowing what I wanted to do quite yet.”

Lucy Preugschas ’23 (Business – Management)
Buffalo, MN


Katherine Koithan

Katherine Koithan

Student Experience & Retention Coordinator

I love working at Morningside because I love working with students. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my students getting excited about what they are learning.

Katherine’s Profile



student/faculty ratio so you’re assured a quality education focused on you


employed or in graduate school within six months of graduation


majors & pre-professional programs available

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