Program Overview.

Gender studies at Morningside is an excellent interdisciplinary option that complements a wide variety of undergraduate majors and programs. You will gain analytical skills while equipping yourself with new perspectives on the world. Examine gender and how its intersections impact your field of study as you enhance your degree in the humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, arts, education, health care, and more.

About Gender Studies at Morningside:

  • Understand and articulate cultural and social topics around gender, sexuality, and sexual orientation.
  • Examine the impact of gender as it relates to peoples’ economic, social, and political lives.
  • Highly develop your reading, writing, research, and communication skills, particularly as they relate to gender-related topics.
  • Further develop your ability to analyze data, think critically, and solve challenges that arise around different notions of gender in communities, the workplace, and at home.