Program Overview.

The Public Health Major is intended to prepare students for a wide range of career options including Healthcare Administrator, Health and Safety Engineer, Environmental Specialist, and Health Educator. Furthermore, it provides students with a pathway towards graduate programs in Public Health, and Epidemiology. Lastly, when supplemented by Medical School requirements, it provides an excellent course of study for Pre-Medical students who wish to understand the broader context of a physician’s work, or those who wish to work in healthcare policy. This program is in partnership with Rize Education


Ebola. Avian Flu. Tuberculosis. CoronaVirus (COVID-19). HIV/AIDS. Malaria. When people think of public health, these are the names that come to mind, and indeed, with our increasingly interconnected world, the spread of epidemic diseases is a major public health issue.

However, Public Health is much more than mere crisis response. Public Health is the science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life, and promoting human health through organized efforts and informed choices. It covers a wide range of sociological, scientific and mathematical approaches and seeks to improve standards of living, affect healthcare policy, and prevent the looming crises that stem from issues such as Antibiotic Resistance.

This program has been submitted to the Higher Learning Commission for approval, and is currently under review.