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The Nylen School of Nursing provides you with undergraduate and graduate-level coursework accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education and approved by the Iowa Board of Nursing. This flexible, hands-on program unites theory and practice in the classroom, high fidelity simulation center, and expansive clinical experiences. You will be provided with excellent preparation for the National Council Licensing Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX RN) and learning opportunities to become a caring nursing professional.


Nursing (BSN)


A Great Fit For

  • Those who are compassionate about caring for individuals, families, and populations.
  • Those who are empathetic, problem-solvers, and flexible in their work environment.
  • Those comfortable with the mechanics and functions of the human body.
  • Anyone who thrives in a team setting and values personal autonomy.


Clinical Experience

You may practice patient care in many different settings during clinical experiences including emergency medicine, intensive care, maternity, mental health, oncology, orthopedics, surgery, pediatrics, and rehabilitation care. You may also complete an internship at prestigious local, regional, or national medical institutions between junior and senior year.

Nursing Simulation Center

Learn in out state-of-the art simulation center working side by side by faculty, these rooms can be set up for multiple purpose to provide different scenarios. Simulations include, exam room, three patient rooms, adult simulation room. The simulation center includes one way viewing mirrors and recording and play back so you can watch and receive feedback.

Research Opportunities

Research is encouraged and celebrated, including at the annual Maud Adams Nursing Research Day and the Palmer Student Research Symposium where students present on a wide range of health care related topics. Students also volunteer and take part in a variety of other community activities to practice and promote health care.


Semester 1

  • General Psych.* (PSYC101) (Soc. Sci.)
  • Human Anatomy* (BIOL207) (Sci.&Math)
  • Critical Inquiry & Communication*(MORN102)
  • General Ed. (Humanities)

Semester 2

  • Human Physiology* (BIOL208) (Sci.&Math)
  • Chemistry* (CHEM110) (Sci.&Math)
  • General Ed. (Fine & Comm. Arts) or Lifespan Dev.* (PSYC260) (Soc. Sci.)
  • General Ed. (Humanities)

Semester 1

  • Intro to Nursing (NURS201)
  • Health Assessment (NURS204)
  • Microbiology* (BIOL252)
  • Elective

Semester 2

  • Pharmacology Principles (NURS212)
  • Essentials for Professional Nursing I (NURS322)
  • Acute & Chronic Nursing I (NURS314)(Ethical Reasoning)
  • Acute & Chronic I Clinical (NURS330)
  • Lifespan Dev.* (PSYC260) (Soc. Sci.) or General Ed.

Semester 1

  • Mental Health Nursing (NURS304)
  • Mental Health Clinical (NURS331)
  • Pathophys. & Nutr. Process (NURS309)
  • Acute & Chronic Nursing II (NURS315)
  • Acute & Chronic II Clinical (NURS333)
  • Elective

Semester 2

  • Acute & Chronic Nursing III (NURS318)
  • Acute & Chronic III Clinical (NURS334)
  • Nursing Care of the Family (NURS313)(Integrative Experience)
  • Nursing Care of Family Clinical (NURS336)
  • Statistics* (MATH150)(Quan. Reas./AQuA)
  • Elective

Semester 1

  • Complex Health Situations (NURS415)
  • Complex Health Clinical (NURS431)
  • Essentials for Professional Nursing II (NURS423)
  • Elective

Semester 2

  • Population Health (NURS402)
  • Evidence-based Practice (NURS403)
  • Leadership, Policy, & Practice (NURS416)
  • Professional Nursing Preceptorship (NURS432)
  • NCLEX Review Course (NURS430)

Bold-faced indicates Nursing Courses

*indicates Required Support Courses for the Nursing Major

The requirements in parentheses are suggested options for General Education Graduation Requirements. Only one Fine &
Comm. Arts is required for the BSN.


Nursing courses are taken in the sophomore, junior and senior years in conjunction with remaining degree requirements. Nursing courses are sequenced to build on previous knowledge, taking students from simple through complex nursing situations. Professional nursing practice requires skill in critical thinking, decision-making, management, research and the technologies of nursing. The nursing curriculum presents the theory, science and art of nursing and encompasses the care of persons of all ages from the unborn child to the aged. All major specialty areas of health care are introduced with practical (clinical) experiences taking place in a variety of health care agencies and settings. 

Upon successful completion of all requirements for graduation, the student graduates with a BSN degree and is eligible to sit for the National Council Licensing Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) (State Board Exam). 


Acceptance to Morningside University does not ensure admission to the nursing major. Admission to the nursing major requires a separate application and fulfillment of the stated criteria. To be eligible for admission students must:

  • Have completed at least 27 credits prior to entering the nursing major including the required courses of Chemistry, Human Anatomy, Human Physiology, General Psychology, and Critical Inquiry and Communication
  • Earn at least a grade of “C” (2.0) in all courses required for the nursing major and present a cumulative grade point average of 2.75 or better..
  • Complete and return to the Nylen School of Nursing the Application for Admission by the designated date
  • A background check is required and applicants must report the status of any felony conviction
  • Required immunizations
  • Interview with a nursing faculty member
  • Meet the essential ability requirements

Iowa Administrative Code 655–2.10(152) details that students and prospective students may not take nursing courses with a clinical or practicum component by a person: 1) who has been denied licensure by the board; 2) whose license is currently suspended, surrendered, or revoked in any U.S. jurisdiction; or 3) whose license is currently suspended, surrendered, or revoked in another country due to disciplinary action. Individuals seeking enrollment or currently enrolled in nursing programs who are not eligible to take a course with a clinical component because of disciplinary action in any state should contact the Iowa Board of Nursing Enforcement Unit at (515) 281-6472 as soon as possible. Individuals not eligible to take a clinical or practicum component will not be admitted to the nursing program or allowed to progress in the curriculum.


Jacklyn Barber

Jacklyn Barber

Dean of Nursing Education

Jacklyn’s Profile

Kelli Flack

Assistant Professor

My journey as a nursing educator is driven by a profound passion for both healthcare and education. I am dedicated to shaping the next generation of nurses, instilling in them the knowledge, skills and values necessary to excel in this profession. Guiding the nursing students through their educational journey allows me to play a crucial role in building the foundation of their nursing careers.

Kelli’s Profile
Sharlene Georgesen

Sharlene Georgesen


I love the students at Morningside, the opportunity to watch a student grow in their thinking skills, their ability to apply new knowledge to situations and build on what they already know. I like having the students in class early in their academic career as sophomores and then again as juniors and seniors.

Sharlene’s Profile
Amanda Haverhals

Amanda Haverhals

Associate Professor

Apart from the essential nursing skills and knowledge, I hope nursing students at Morningside embrace the broader mission and values that extend beyond the classroom. I hope to cultivate a life-long passion for the field of nursing as they will need to adapt to the ever-evolving demands of the profession.

Amanda’s Profile
Mary Kovarna

Mary Kovarna


I love the enthusiasm for learning knowledge and skills shown by our nursing the students.

Mary’s Profile
Lauri Sells

Lauri Sells

Associate Professor

Lauri’s Profile


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NCLEX pass rate


employed or in graduate school within six months of graduation


majors & pre-professional programs available


One hundred percent of our students find a job upon graduation, and graduates who choose to move on to graduate school also enjoy a 100 percent acceptance rate. In fact, you may choose to enroll directly into Morningside’s Graduate Nursing program if you meet all admissions requirements and receive an alumni scholarship for tuition.

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