Program Overview.

You can prepare for a broad range of careers or continue on to graduate work through Morningside University's regionally recognized biology major. As a small private college with an outstanding academic reputation, we offer you the ability to customize your program with independent research and experiential learning to create a unique, personalized program of study.

About Biology at Morningside:

  • Explore connections between theory and application while you build your framework of knowledge in modern biology, including concepts in genetics, molecular biology, evolution, cell biology, physiology, and ecology.
  • Become proficient in scientific communication of all types.
  • Develop your aptitude for the scientific method as you conduct research in the lab or out in the field.
  • Enjoy working and conducting research alongside professors who have vast professional networks and extensive expertise in their field.
  • Benefit from a broad selection of courses that allow you to explore your interests before making a final decision on a path for your future.

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