Program Overview.

Biopsychology will allow you to blend coursework from biology, chemistry, and psychology to investigate the neurological foundations of behavior and mental processes in humans and animals. Study focuses on the neural mechanisms of behavior and cognition, evolutionary development of the nervous system, and mechanisms of nervous system and psychological disorders.

About Biopsychology at Morningside:

  • Morningside’s small, private college setting will allow you to build meaningful working relationships with professors, providing you with excellent mentors.
  • Beginning as early as your freshman year, take part in independent and collaborative research.
  • Benefit from a prime location in Sioux City, Iowa‘s fourth largest city, and other large cities nearby for abundant options for credit-bearing internships.
  • Choose between a neuroscience or forensics focus to tailor your experience to your future career goals.
  • Develop your foundational knowledge of psychology through history and theory while having almost immediate opportunity to empirically investigate, think critically, and apply learning.