Program Overview.

The demand for students graduating from education programs continues to grow. Whether urban, suburban, or rural, school districts across Iowa need highly qualified teachers to fill positions. While the need for educators spans all areas of teaching, the demand is especially high for teachers of special education, english as a second language, spanish, science, and agricultural education. Schools need passionate, caring, well-prepared teachers to nurture and empower young learners to become leaders of tomorrow.

About Education at Morningside:

  • Morningside University’s Sharon Walker School of Education cultivates highly effective educators who are committed to the belief that every student will learn.
  • Faculty are seasoned professionals who are well-versed in innovative practices thanks to their K-12 teaching experience, ongoing research, collaboration with local educators and schools, and active participation with professional education organizations.
  • Professors create interactive learning environments where students thrive as they develop communication, collaboration, and leadership skills that help them grow to be highly effective educators.
  • Beginning the first year on campus through semester-long full-day student teaching experiences during the senior year, students work alongside practicing teachers in local classrooms, gaining a variety of field experiences
  • Morningside University’s School of Education develops outstanding teachers who are well-prepared with strong knowledge, skills, and dispositions that teachers need and who principals want to hire.