Program Overview.

Cyber Security careers are on the rise, with a projected 33% job growth rate which is four times the national average. This program is in partnership with Rize Education and is offered with two goals in mind; to ensure that students stay one step ahead of evolving cyber threats and to provide students with fundamental IT skills. Within this program, students will assess modern cybersecurity challenges that threaten our privacy, security, and safety, and gain both the knowledge and hands-on technical skills to protect digital assets from cyber criminals who leverage sophisticated social and cyber tactics to facilitate attacks.

How does this degree align with the real world?

It has become incredibly cheap to automate constant digital attacks against any individual, Fortune 500 corporation, or government system. As a result, we now live in a world where we can assume that everyone is constantly at risk of attack from advanced cyber threats. This new paradigm has led to a boom in cybersecurity careers. According to LightCast, cybersecurity professionals earn a median salary of $102,527, with entry-level positions starting at $68k. 

This program has been submitted to the Higher Learning Commission for approval, and is currently under review.