Performing Arts

The Morningside College School of Visual and Performing Arts is an integral part of our foundation and community. Vocal, visual, and instrumental arts are traditions Morningside has upheld since the school’s founding. All performing arts are open to any student on campus, no matter the major. You could be a defining part of upholding Morningside’s long-standing traditions, including the singing of the school song with the President after choir concerts!

Ranging from choral music to instrumentals, and our theatre productions, if you are interested in Morningside’s performing arts, you will have no shortage of options to choose from or talent to learn from. You will be given the opportunity to explore time periods, languages, and cultures, as well as touring regionally, or nationally and internationally.

marching band trumpeter choir performance

Leo Kucinski Academy of Music

The Leo Kucinski Academy of Music is affiliated with the Morningside College School of Visual and Performing Arts. This program provides a youth symphony to students aged five through adult, as well as an early strings class. This academy is also open to Morningside students to allow for hand-on experience through practicums and teaching.