Program Overview.

Focus your creative talents on developing your artisitic vision. Photography emphasizes problem-solving and technical skills, design, and digital imaging. You will use fully-equipped darkrooms, studios, and automatic processing equipment to complete work in black-and-white and color photography. You will also have access to a computer lab where you can work on building your digital enhancement skills and print your images. Our dynamic faculty of practicing artisits effectively guide and support student talent.

About Photography at Morningside:

  • Develop your understanding of art, brands, and business.
  • Learn to translate complex ideas and information into art and develop your ability to utilize design principles.
  • Master both your communication skills and artistic abilities.
  • Build confidence, independence, and creativity in an active learning environment with bountiful opportunities both on and off campus.
  • Exhibit your art in the Eppley Art Gallery, the HJF Learning Center, and in community spaces.