Program Overview.

Our world has become more economically, socially, and politically interdependent, which has increased the demand for individuals with the skills and knowledge to cross cultural boundaries. As an International Affairs major, you will benefit from an interdisciplinary curriculum that will leave you well prepared to cross borders and work with a variety of cultures.

About International Affairs at Morningside: 

  • Enjoy the department’s strong relationships with public figures at every level of politics, within political organizations, and the U.S. Federal District Court in Sioux City that provide internships, service opportunities, and networking options.
  • Get a front row seat for observing and participating in the electoral process during the Iowa Caucus, as well as every year during elections.
  • Select from diverse course offerings that allow you to gain a broad view of politics and policy, including international curriculum that reflects globalization.
  • Benefit from an extremely successful internship program and outstanding placement rate for graduate and law schools.