Program Overview.

Morningside University is at the heart of one of the highest ag-producing areas in the United States with a more than 125-year history deeply tied to the humanities and agriculture.

The agricultural humanities minor offers you a unique opportunity to explore the interconnected relationship between humans and the land through an exploration of agriculture and humanities. The resources you develop in your studies will help you interrogate and understand your own relationship to the land.

This minor will allow you to study and reflect on the central issues and challenges facing rural communities while also engaging in experiential learning opportunities to develop practical knowledge and skills and cultivate partnerships and relationships within the community.

The Rooted: Integrated Humanities and Agricultural Project has been made possible in part by a major grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities: Democracy demands wisdom. Learn more by visiting

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How the Agricultural Humanities Minor benefits you:

  • Deepen your understanding of agriculture, rural communities, and the interconnectedness that land and humans share.
  • Gain practical skills related to communication, reading, critical thinking, writing, and analysis skills through curricula focused on experiential learning opportunities.
  • Network and build relationships with community partners who will be involved with building the opportunities available to you.
  • Access Morningside’s new ag facilities and farm.
  • Get to know agricultural and food studies faculty who are involved with ag-related co-curriculars including the Ag Club, Grill Team, and more.
  • Connect with humanities faculty who are involved with co-curriculars such as the student-run art and literary magazine Kiosk, the student-run Collegian-Reporter newspaper, and theater.
    Become empowered to contribute to the sustainability and wellbeing of your own community.