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Morningside School of Agriculture and Aviation launches Animal science minor



FEATURED COURSES Organizational Behavior & Communications OPTIONAL Students will take a multi-disciplinary approach to understanding individual behavior within organizations, including team and group behavior. Topics examined will include motivation, change management, organizational communication, groups and teams, negotiation and conflict, and leadership. Change management is extensively covered within an organizational change… Read More


FEATURED COURSES Insurance and Risk Management REQUIRED Introduction to various sources of financial risk impacting businesses and how to manage this risk.  It will focus on risk management strategies such as business structure selection,diversification, and insurance.  In addition, the theories of moral hazard and adverse selection will be explored. Options,… Read More

Sports Management

FEATURED COURSES Theory and Ethics of Coaching Athletes REQUIRED A general overview of the theory and techniques of coaching interscholastic athletics. Emphasis is placed on ways to assist and motivate individuals and teams to improve their skills and performance. In addition, students in this course gain a thorough understanding of… Read More

Supply Chain Management

This program is in partnership with Rize Education and is offered with two goals in mind; to ensure that students stay one step ahead of evolving cyber threats and to provide students with fundamental IT skills. PROGRAM FEATURES Subject Experts Morningside Faculty – You will have the opportunity to learn from and interact… Read More


FEATURED COURSES Web Design/Interactive Media REQUIRED Students learn website construction and other interactive formats with emphasis on the need for planning and design strategies. Previous programming knowledge and/or CSCI 160 are recommended. Principles of Marketing REQUIRED Students will study business activities related to the product, price, promotion and distribution of… Read More

Business Administration

FEATURED COURSES Foundations of Business and Ethics REQUIRED Foundations of Business and Ethics is designed to expose incoming business school students to the many functions of modern business. The course introduces students to career fields in the areas of business, and the types of decisions made by business professionals with… Read More

Arts Administration

FEATURED COURSES Senior Project in Arts Administration REQUIRED This course consists of a substantial student-designed project appropriate to arts administration, bringing together the arts area and the administration coursework and learning. Through this project, undertaken in collaboration with a faculty member in the student’s arts area, students will demonstrate mastery… Read More


FEATURED COURSES Income Tax Accounting REQUIRED A study of federal taxes, with emphasis on individual income taxes. Governmental and Non Profit Accounting REQUIRED A study of different funds us in accounting for governmental entities and not-for-profit entities such as educational institutions, hospitals, and voluntary health and welfare organizations. Forensic Accounting… Read More

Accounting – Managerial

FEATURED COURSES Introduction to Financial Accounting REQUIRED This course will provide students with an introduction to the basic vocabulary and principles of external financial reporting by corporate business entities and to the basics of financial statement analysis and interpretation for corporations whose stock is traded in established exchanges. Advanced Accounting… Read More