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Graphic Design

Art Talent Grant scholarships are available to prospective students from all areas of study who submit a portfolio review. Ask your admissions counselor for more information. FEATURED COURSES Graphic Design I REQUIRED Students gain knowledge and skills in the creative and problem-solving aspects of graphic design. Students gain a critical… Read More


FEATURED COURSES Classical Mythology and Literature ELECTIVE Survey of ancient Greek and Roman mythology as well as classical literature and drama. Studies of American Literary History  REQUIRED Students study a slice of American literary history (about 100 years), reading works by major authors in various genres. Through reading, discussion, and… Read More


PLAN OF STUDY Major in Elementary Education- b.s. ART 311: Integrating Art in the Elementary Classroom EDUC 105: Foundations of Education and Human Relations EDUC 214: The Teaching of Foundational Reading Skills EDUC 300: Instructional Design and Assessment & Practicum EDUC 308: Teaching Elementary Physical… Read More


This program is in partnership with Rize Education and is offered with two goals in mind; to ensure that students stay one step ahead of evolving cyber threats and to provide students with fundamental IT skills. PROGRAM FEATURES Subject Experts Morningside Faculty: You will have the opportunity to learn from and interact… Read More


FEATURED COURSES General Chemistry I REQUIRED Emphasizes measurement, stoichiometry, atomic and molecular structure, chemical bonding, gas, liquid, and solid properties and descriptive properties. Organic Chemistry II REQUIRED A systematic course in classification, nomenclature, synthesis, reactions, and spectroscopy of carbon compounds. The compounds are studied on a basis of the functional… Read More


FEATURED COURSES Fundamental Neuroscience ELECTIVE This course covers fundamental concepts in neuroscience including the cellular anatomy and physiology of neurons, the gross anatomy and physiology of the central nervous system, and the function of important cognitive processes including learning and memory, attention, executive planning of movement, and the integration… Read More


FEATURED COURSES Principles of Biology I REQUIRED An introduction to the study of organismal structure, function, and classification, with selected (evolution, ecology) conceptual topics. Ecology REQUIRED A course dealing with the inter-relationships between organisms and their environment, the functioning of ecosystems, and adaptations that enable organisms to survive in specific… Read More

Aviation Management

FEATURED COURSES Introduction to Aviation REQUIRED COURSE Please check back later for the course description Aviation Safety and Security REQUIRED COURSE Please check back later for the course description Airport Planning and Administration REQUIRED COURSE Please check back later for the course description General Operations and Management REQUIRED COURSE Please… Read More

Arts Administration

FEATURED COURSES Senior Project in Arts Administration REQUIRED This course consists of a substantial student-designed project appropriate to arts administration, bringing together the arts area and the administration coursework and learning. Through this project, undertaken in collaboration with a faculty member in the student’s arts area, students will demonstrate mastery… Read More

Applied Computer Science

FEATURED COURSES Creating Software REQUIRED COURSE Students deepen their software development skills by learning how to write web applications. Students also become acquainted with working in a console environment. Data Structures, Algorithms, and Algorithmic Analysis REQUIRED COURSE Students learn the theory and application of common data structures (including stacks,… Read More

Agricultural Education

FEATURED COURSES Foundations of Agricultural Education REQUIRED Historical development of agricultural education programs. Philosophic premises, program goals, and objectives. Educational and social issues impacting the implementation of agricultural education programs Experiential Learning/Leadership Development & Practice REQUIRED Experiential and leadership development program requirements of students in high school agriculture are introduced. Read More

Applied Agriculture and Food Studies

FEATURED COURSES Introduction to Agribusiness Leadership REQUIRED This entry-level agri-business course will provide a broad look at “getting things done” in an agricultural business context. Students will develop philosophies and skills for ethical decision-making. Students will begin to develop skills needed in the modern agribusiness context including confrontation, ethical resilience,… Read More


FEATURED COURSES Income Tax Accounting REQUIRED A study of federal taxes, with emphasis on individual income taxes. Governmental and Non Profit Accounting REQUIRED A study of different funds us in accounting for governmental entities and not-for-profit entities such as educational institutions, hospitals, and voluntary health and welfare organizations. Forensic Accounting… Read More