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Morningside School of Agriculture and Aviation launches Animal science minor



FEATURED COURSES Organizational Behavior & Communications OPTIONAL Students will take a multi-disciplinary approach to understanding individual behavior within organizations, including team and group behavior. Topics examined will include motivation, change management, organizational communication, groups and teams, negotiation and conflict, and leadership. Change management is extensively covered within an organizational change… Read More


FEATURED COURSES Insurance and Risk Management REQUIRED Introduction to various sources of financial risk impacting businesses and how to manage this risk.  It will focus on risk management strategies such as business structure selection,diversification, and insurance.  In addition, the theories of moral hazard and adverse selection will be explored. Options,… Read More

Radiologic Technology

REQUIRED COURSES Required Biology/Chemistry Courses BIOL 110 Human Biology or BIOL 117 Principles of Biology II (4 credit hours) BIOL 120 Introduction To Health Sciences or BIOL 205 Health and Nutrition (2 credit hours) BIOL 207 Human Anataomy(4 credit hours) BIOL 208 Physiology for Allied Health (4… Read More

Respiratory Care

FEATURED COURSES HUMAN BIOLOGY REQUIRED An introduction to biological principles with an emphasis on how the human experience is shaped by biology. Topics covered will include basic cellular biology, genetics and physiology with an emphasis on human health. Lecture and laboratory. hEALTH AND NUTRITION REQUIRED The… Read More


PLAN OF STUDY Major in Spanish- B.A. SPAN 103: Language and Culture I SPAN 104: Language and Culture II  SPAN 203: Intercultural Competence through Language I SPAN 204: Intercultural competence through Language II   SPAN 307: Communication for Leadership in the Professions SPAN 412: Latin America in… Read More


PLAN OF STUDY Major in Music Education- B.M.E EDUC 105: Foundations of Education and Human Relations EDUC 300: Instructional Design and Assessment & Practicum EDUC 303: Middle School and Secondary Literacy I EDUC 490: Effective Educator Seminar EPSY 275: Educational Psychology MUAL 421: Full Recital Seminar… Read More

Professional Flight

INFORMATION ABOUT PROFESSIONAL FLIGHT admission to the school of aviation Individuals interested in the Professional Flight program must apply and be accepted to Morningside University. Acceptance to Morningside does not guarantee admission to the Professional Flight Program. To be accepted to the Professional Flight program, you must Read, write,… Read More

Public Health

Morningside and Rize Education have partnered to offer degree programs in high-demand fields. The majority of classes are completed on-campus and in-person at Morningside, with Rize offering others online via their state-of-the-art technology platform. PROGRAM FEATURES Subject Experts Morningside Faculty: You will have the opportunity to learn from and interact… Read More

Supply Chain Management

This program is in partnership with Rize Education and is offered with two goals in mind; to ensure that students stay one step ahead of evolving cyber threats and to provide students with fundamental IT skills. PROGRAM FEATURES Subject Experts Morningside Faculty – You will have the opportunity to learn from and interact… Read More

Nonprofit Management

FEATURED COURSES Public Relations REQUIRED Principles and practice of public relations in commercial and non-commercial fields; publicity and promotion campaigns emphasized Lifespan Development REQUIRED This course provides an overview of the various physical, cognitive, social, and psychological forces which shape human development from conception through death. Read More

Medical Laboratory Science

FEATURED COURSES Human Anatomy REQUIRED The study of the structures of the human body from the cellular level to organ systems, with primary emphasis on names and positions of body structures. Immunology REQUIRED An introduction to the essential terminology and broad concepts of immunology. Antibody production, complement, cytokines and immune… Read More


PLAN OF STUDY Calculus & Analytic Geometry I REQUIRED An introduction to differential and integral calculus. Topics include functions, limits, continuity, derivatives, and integrals-with applications throughout the course. Transition to Abstract Mathematics REQUIRED This course provides a transition to upper-level mathematics courses. Topics include elements from discrete math, number theory,… Read More


FEATURED COURSES Web Design/Interactive Media REQUIRED Students learn website construction and other interactive formats with emphasis on the need for planning and design strategies. Previous programming knowledge and/or CSCI 160 are recommended. Principles of Marketing REQUIRED Students will study business activities related to the product, price, promotion and distribution of… Read More