Morningside Scholarships and Grants for Transfer Students

Scholarships and Grants for You.

No Morningside experience looks the same, and neither will your financial aid package.

Morningside will work with you to examine your unique financial circumstances and help create an award package designed just for you. We want your college decision to be based on quality and fit before price, which is why our office of financial planning works hard to make Morningside an affordable choice for full-time students through a combination of scholarships, grants, and/or need-based assistance. 

 Transfer Scholarships

Academic awards are available to admitted full-time undergraduate transfer students who have earned at least 27 college credits that have been approved and accepted by Morningside University. GPA is based on a 4.0 scale. 

Transfer GPAScholarship Amount
3.9 $15,000
3.5-3.89 $12,500
3.49 or less $10,000

*Academic awards will be reduced by $2,000 for students who choose to live off campus prior to earning 91 or more credit hours.

Visit Grant

Campus visits are important. We believe that so sincerely that we will give you $1,000 per year for up to four years when you enroll at Morningside if you make an official campus visit. Visits must be complete by a specific date. Ask your Admission Counselor for details.

Morningside University Pathways 

Students who have been accepted to Morningside University through the Pathways program will receive a $2,000 grant per year. The grant is renewable as long as the student remains full-time.

Phi Theta Kappa Grant (PTK)

This program, completely funded and administered by Morningside University, provides a $1,000 per year renewable grant to any community college student who is a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. To be eligible for the grant, the community college student must apply and be accepted to Morningside University and provide proof of PTK membership prior to enrollment as a first-time, full-time student. The grant is renewable as long as the student remains full-time.

Talent Grants

In addition to scholarships, we offer talent grants up to $5,000 in a variety of areas. Simply identify your talent when applying, and we’ll help you set up an audition. Areas include: Art, Athletics, Esports, Theatre, or Music, (Choral, Color Guard, Instrumental, Jazz, Keyboard). Talent grants are contingent upon participation. Each respective talent area defines participation. Students can receive only one talent grant. Students who receive a talent grant are not eligible for a Monte Grant.

Performing Arts Audition Requirements

Monte Grant

If you have been an active volunteer or intend to be involved with leadership or other clubs and activities at Morningside, you may be eligible for a Monte Grant up to $4,000 per year. Talent Grant recipients are not eligible for this grant.

FAFSA Submission Grant (New for 2023-24)

Students who submit their FAFSA information to Morningside by Feb. 28 each year will receive $1,000 each year you are at Morningside.

Other Financial Aid & Scholarships

In addition to these funds offered by Morningside, you should also complete the FAFSA to get a complete understanding of the state and federal benefits for which you may be eligible. You are also encouraged to apply for private scholarships that may be available through other resources.

Transfer Financial Aid Information 2022-2023