Student Clubs and Organizations

Morningside University is home to a variety of academic organizations and clubs that are often open to students regardless of major.

Learn more about a few of the clubs and organizations Morningside University has to offer.

Accounting Club is open to students interested in accounting. As a member of Accounting Club, you will develop leadership skills, gain an understanding of career opportunities, and network with other students and professionals within the accounting profession. As a member of Accounting Club, you will also model ethical student standards established by the AICPA, IMA, ACFE and ISCPA, serve the community, and fulfill a student ambassador role representing Morningside University during professional and community events.

Morningside’s Art Club is open to all students who are interested in visual arts. As a member of Art Club, you will develop and improve your ability to assess and refine art.

Collegiate National Association for Music Education is open to students majoring in Music Education. As a member of the Collegiate National Association for Music Education, you will have the opportunity to learn the necessary tools for teaching and help further the growth of music education at Morningside University.

The Morningside University Iowa State Education Association (ISEA) cultivates a passion for life-long learning, a thirst for growth in the area of best teaching practices, active engagement with “real” students, and civic responsibility within the Morningside campus and Sioux City Community.

Morningside Agriculture (Ag) Club is for any person interested in agriculture. As a member of Morningside Ag Club, you will be provided with opportunities for leadership, responsibility, and networking with the agriculture community. Morningside Ag Club also develops competent and assertive agricultural leadership, increases awareness of the global and technological importance of agriculture and its contribution to our well-being, strengthens the confidence of agriculture students in themselves and their work, and promotes the intelligent choice and establishment of an agricultural career.

The Morningside Civic Union is a nonpartisan center for activities relating to citizenship and civic awareness. Students may take part in candidate visits to campus, campus lectures, campus voter registration drives, and more.

The Morningside University Middle Level Educators Club at the Sharon Walker School of Education aspires to cultivate highly effective educators who are committed to the belief that every middle level student will learn.

MSNA is an organization of nursing students from all levels who seek to represent and involve nursing students in campus and community activities, promote the development of skills that nursing students need, and provide information addressing major topics, interests, and concerns of nursing students. As a member of the Morningside Student Nurses Association, you will have the opportunity to be involved with service projects like hosting campus blood drives, working with the homeless of Siouxland, and hosting the annual Maud Adams Nursing Research Day.

Psi Chi is a psychology club that works to recognize and promote excellence in the science and application of psychology.

Religious Studies Club is open to students interested in religious studies. As a member, you would work to spread knowledge of different religions, past and present, visit diverse religious institutions and encourage dissimilar ideas and beliefs.

Teacher Inspiring Exceptional Students (T.I.E.S.) helps to introduce and make others aware of the special education field not only as educators but as lifelong learners while providing opportunities to serve our community.

Undergraduate Psychological and Social Science Association promotes and advances the science and practice of psychology within its members of the Morningside University community and the general public.