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Every summer for two weeks, Morningside becomes home to some of the most gifted and brightest students in the midwest. High schoolers and Mi... [read more]
Jul 30, 2019

Choral music has been a very important part of student life at Morningside for nearly 100 years, providing students from all major academic ... [read more]
Jul 24, 2019

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Choral Music Options

Morningside's choral programs are designed to offer you training and community within our music programs. 

Originated in 1923, The Morningside Choir is a select forty-member ensemble recognized for its excellence in regional and international choral performance. The group performs a wide array of choral repertoire and rehearses after general class hours.

 The choir performs in at least three concerts each semester, including the annual production of Christmas at Morningside, and commences a yearly regional tour each Spring Semester. Every three years, the ensemble also performs on the national and international stage. Most recently, The Morningside Choir has toured Japan (2018), Spain (2015), Italy (2012), and will tour Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic in 2021.

2022-2023 Morningside Choir Roster

Cantabile is a treble choir comprised of students from all areas of study at Morningside. The ensemble is dedicated to the performance of challenging choral music and high musical artistry.

 Members perform in at least two concerts each semester, including the annual production of Christmas at Morningside, and serve as ambassadors for choral music throughout the local area. In addition, the choir frequently combines with Camerata to perform mixed choral literature each semester.

Camerata is a convivial tenor-bass ensemble with students from all areas of study and co-curricular activities, including athletics and other performing arts organizations.

The choir presents at least two concerts per semester, including the annual production of Christmas at Morningside, and represents Morningside in the community by performing at various civic and college-related events. In addition, the group frequently combines with Cantabile to perform mixed choral literature each semester.

Morningside's Lyric Theatre is open to all students, regardless of major, and offers you the option to perform or work on a musical or opera production. Recent productions include "Next to Normal," "Quilters," "Into the Woods," and our acclaimed production of "Dido and Aeneas." 

The Lyric Theatre allows you to expand your understanding and passion for the choral world, as well as improving your acting, performing, and production skills. Become involved in our newest choral creation!

The Morningside Symphonic Chorus (previously known as the Master Chorale) is a community choir open to anyone who wants to sing in a choral ensemble and perform incredible works of music by new and historic composers.

All are welcome to sing in the chorus, which will include new members, Morningside University students, local music educators and musicians, and former Master Chorale members. You do not need to be affiliated with Morningside or have an extensive musical background to be part of the choir - the Morningside Symphonic Chorus is for any Siouxlander who wants to learn and share music with our community.

Learn about the Symphonic Chorus

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Excellence In Performance

The Morningside University School of Visual and Performing Arts is proud to provide opportunities for students, Siouxland, and beyond to be engaged with our musical community. Whether you're looking to attend a performance or be a part of the production, there's something for everyone at Morningside.