Special Interest

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Morningside students are interested in so many different subjects. There's bound to be an organization for you!

Active Minds:

Active minds works to start conversations about mental health in order to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness. As a member of Active Minds, you will help educate students on the importance of mental health, work towards enhancing the holistic well-being of students, and help to create a supportive and well-informed college community.

Entrepreneurship Group:

As a member of Entrepreneurship Group (E-Group), you will have the opportunity to promote entrepreneurship, ignite your passions, and refine leadership skills.

Investment Club:

 Investment Club works to  educate its members on the various types of investments that they can make and the best strategy to use for those investments.

Math Club:

Math Club works to provide programs of interest and value relating to the discipline of mathematics

Morningside Chemistry Club:

The Morningside College Chemistry Club is open to all who are interested in chemistry. As a member of chemistry club, you will help spread an appreciation of chemistry to the college community.

Morningside Mentors in Science:

Morningside Mentors in Science provides exceptional exposure of science and science related topics to the youth of Siouxland to the Boys and Girls Club of Siouxland. As a member, you can help teach a weekly science class at the Boys and Girls Club afterschool program. 

Morningside Activities Council (MAC):

As a member of Morningside Activities Council you will help provide activities for the student body. These activities may include comedians, hypnotists, dances, live bands, sporting events, ice skating, movies, and much more!

Morningside Anime Division:

Morningside Anime Division is a club for any anime fan; it provides a stress free environment for Japanese animation fans, video gamers, and convention goers to gather and share interests, as well as broaden cultural understandings.

Morningside Civic Union (MCU):

Morningside Civic Union (MCU) works to encourage civic engagement, while promoting awareness of political and social issues, providing opportunities for students to become involved in local, state, and national communities, and providing students with a forum for social justice and political discussion. MCU calls for full participation without regard to party affiliation, sex, gender identity, race, ethnic origin, religion, physical and mental handicap, socioeconomic status, or sexual orientation.

Morningside Garden to Table Experience:

Morningside Garden to Table Experience focuses on promoting a sustainable food production, agricultural education, and experiential learning experience. As a member of Morningside Garden to Table Experience, you will have the experience with working in and maintaining Morningside College’s new community garden.

Morningside Photo Club:

As a member of Photo Club, you will have the opportunity to learn about photography while bettering your photographic skills, meeting professionals in the field, and furthering future career goals.

Rocket Club:

Have an interest in rockets? As a part of Rocket Club, you will have the opportunity to not only learn about rocketry, physics, and space exploration but also design, engineer, and launch model rockets.

Sustainable Environment Association (SEA):

Sustainable Environment Association is open to all student with an interest in conserving the environment. As a member, you will work to promote action around sustainability within the Morningside Community.