Campus Media

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Morningside has many opportunities for you to dive into the world of mass media. Learn about journalism through our online newspaper, broadcasting with our on-campus television station, and radio DJ-ing on KMSC.

KMSC Fusion 93:


The mission of KMSC Fusion 93 is to be the student radio voice of Morningside University. KMSC is dedicated to acting as an interactive forum for the Morningside campus community while providing a real-life broadcasting experience for Morningside students. We seek to create a radio station that helps bind together the Morningside campus community through musical, informational, and special programming while also creating closer ties between the Morningside and Siouxland communities. KMSC airs 24 hours a day, seven days a week on 92.9 FM. If involved with KMSC, you will have the opportunity to provide live play-by-play coverage of various Morningside sporting events, DJ music, and much more.

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Collegian Reporter:

Collegian Reporter Website

The Collegian Reporter is Morningside’s student-produced, online news source. As a member of the Collegian Reporter, you have the opportunity to express interests through campus news coverage, sports reporting, arts reviews, opinion writing, and more.

Morningside Television (MCTV):

MCTV YouTube Channel

MCTV is Morningside's student-run television station that airs on Sioux City’s Long Lines Cable. While a part of the MCTV crew, you have the unique opportunity to direct, produce, or broadcast talk shows, political coverage, television shows and newscasts.