Complete your nursing education with Morningside's online DNP program

The health care industry is facing increasing demand and a need for innovation. Nursing is vital part of the solution, with the American Association of Colleges of Nursing calling for advanced practice nurses to hold doctoral degrees like the DNP.

Building upon the bachelor's and master's degree programs that are already part of the Nylen School of Nursing, Morningside's first doctoral program will allow you to reach the pinnacle of your nursing education with two distinct tracks, including options for BSN to DNP or MSN to DNP.

How the DNP Program Works

  • Online: Since most of our students are employed full-time and have busy lives, we offer courses online so you can complete coursework as your schedule allows.
  • Rolling Enrollment: You can enroll in fall, spring, or summer semester.
  • Flexible Plan of Study: Given the busy lives our students lead, we also know that sometimes life happens. Though continuous enrollment will allow you to complete your DNP faster, you do have the option to stop and restart as needed.
  • Individualized Instruction: Learn from seasoned faculty who can adapt your DNP experience to your goals and interests.

Doctor of Nursing Practice Tracks

Direct Patient Care - BSN to DNP or MSN to DNP
The Direct Patient Care DNP track is for nurses who want to become a Family Primary Care Nurse Practitioner or Adult Gerontology Nurse Practitioner at the Doctorate in Nursing Practice level.  The post-master’s to DNP option is appropriate for those who are in one of the recognized four Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) roles (certified nurse-midwife, certified registered nurse anesthetist, clinical nurse specialist, and nurse practitioner).  
Transformative Leadership - BSN to DNP or MSN to DNP
The Transformative Leadership DNP track is designed for nurses in systems/indirect care delivery positions, which includes, executive leadership, nursing administration, health informatics, health policy, public health, and quality/safety, among others.  Transformative leadership is an advanced nursing role that drives healthcare change through participatory collaboration, mobilization of collective action and systemic transformation. The transformative leader ignites the quest for robust evidence to produce optimized interventions and measurable individual and population healthcare outcomes. This advanced nursing role inspires synergy though clear and articulate communication to create visionary approaches to healthcare delivery that benefit all participants.