Post-Master's Certificates

Post-Master's of Science in Nursing (MSN) Certificates

If you already have a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree, further your education with a post-master's certificate. The Nylen School of Nursing offers three post-master's certificates that will help you gain knowledge and competency within a specialty. Students will earn a post-MSN certificate after successful completion of the required courses in the chosen nursing option. The post-MSN certificate curriculum is designed to prepare graduates for national certification. To be eligible for certification, post-MSN students must complete the didactic and clinical requirements of the direct patient care courses, NP core courses, and the specialty track courses for the population. Students wishing to complete the post-MSN clinical nurse leader certificate must also complete the three direct patient care courses and CNL specialty track courses. It is the expectation that post-MSN certificate students must master the same outcome criteria as graduate degree granting program students. This includes all clinical (500/600 hours) requirements for the specialty tracks.

Coursework is online with the exception of one- to three-day on-campus residencies, depending on your certificate selection. Each program also requires practicum hours. You may complete these in your own community and work environment.

Student practicums are directly supervised by an approved local preceptor as well as a member of Morningside's nursing faculty.