Whether it’s your first year or your fourth, we know students and families may have questions related to Morningside and are unsure of whom to ask. While she may not have all the answers right away, Shari Benson is a Morningside expert who can help you find the person or resources you need. Shari is our designated “One Stop Question & Answer Shop” who will take any question you might have whether its housing, billing, academics, how to find someone on campus, what to do in the event of an illness or family emergency, or any other thing that may come up for you or your student.

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Tell us a little about yourself.
I love my family! That includes my husband Mark, daughter Megan, and son Josh along with his wife Casey and our two grandchildren, Ezra and Aria. Spending time with them is the best. I also work one night a week at Oscar Carl Winery. I enjoy the friends I have made while working there.

How long have you worked for Morningside and what roles have you had?
I’m in year 35 at Morningside. Roles I have been in include: office/ticket manager in the athletic department, administrative coordinator in the former Krone Advising Center, director of new students, director of freshmen orientation, the administrative coordinator in student life, and now being the One-Stop Q&A Shop.

How did you find your way to Morningside?
I’m a Mside alum and have always loved the university. A position came open in athletics in December 1988. I applied, got the job, and started Jan, 3, 1989. The rest is history.

What did you love most about being a student at Morningside?
The relationships I had with my faculty. They cared about me as a person and after I graduated, they stayed in touch. Also, I was part of residence life and I thoroughly enjoyed being on staff.

As a parent who has put their child through Morningside, what were some of the fears and questions you remember having?
My fears were like those of others; will my kids get along with their roommate, will they be successful in classes, will they get involved? Our children received a fabulous education and are now very successful within their careers. They also made lifelong friends who are important in their lives.

What is your favorite part of working at Morningside?
Watching our students come in as freshmen scared and naive, then graduating as prepared young adults ready to face whatever lies ahead of them. I have also gained many lifelong friends in the students I’ve gotten to know through the years.
What about Morningside makes you most proud?
Morningside is a solid university with outstanding academic areas and extracurricular programs. Our students graduate with a sense of pride knowing they are prepared for the world. I’m proud to be an alum and also an employee of Morningside University.

Is there anything else you want to share?
I’m excited to the be the person who can help with any questions our students and/or parents might have. Everyone has questions and shouldn’t be afraid to ask. I’m here to assist in any way possible.

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