Mythology & Mangiare

Jun 25, 2019

“Mangiamo” (let’s eat) was a familiar phrase to the students traveling to Italy and Greece this May Term. As they investigated the historical and mythological aspects of Italy and Greece, students always made sure to enjoy the local cuisine of pizza, pasta, gyros, olives, dolmathakia, souvlaki, and much more. This is why faculty leader, Leslie Werden, decided to title the May Term Mythology & Mangiare—Mangiare is Italian for “to eat.”

Prior to departure, students met to review expectations and receive research assignments. Each student looked into one aspect of the trip which ranged from Greek/Roman mythology to traditional cuisines. Conducting this research allowed students to become familiar with where they were going. Once abroad, students explored Florence, Rome (and the Colosseum), Pompeii, Athens, Delphi, and various Greek islands. In addition, students were asked to have conversations with locals to help them step out of comfort zones and interact with the community.

Faculty leader, Leslie Werden, specifically noted that this was an opportunity for students to “see what they've maybe only read about.” Overall, Werden hopes that students appreciated being at some of the most important historical and cultural sites.

Mari Pizzini, a junior English major from Helena, Montana, was one of the students on the trip. She stated that this May Term was a “trip of a lifetime,” because of the many personal firsts and memorable experiences. For example, Mari specifically enjoyed jumping into the Aegean Sea and swimming in warm springs during the last couple days of the trip. But for Pizzini, those experiences were greatly enhanced not because of what she was doing, but because of who she was with. “Morningside has an incredible pool of students; I met some amazing people on this trip.”

Cameron Peterson, a senior biology major from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, reiterated Mari’s enthusiasm.

“If you are able, I would highly recommend a going on a May Term. It is a great way to get a taste of what the world has to offer.”

Each year during the month of May, Morningside College gives students the opportunity to take learning outside of the classroom; ultimately, highlighting Morningside’s emphasis on active, experiential learning. Options change a bit from year to year. Some classes are held locally. Others travel abroad. To learn more about Morningside’s May Term click here.