Rebekah Mayer (‘20) always had a dream to work with artists and make music. Through her music production business, “Boss Pitch Audio LLC.,” she’s been able to connect with local and national artists to vocal tune, create beats, and put together full songs. 

“Music production is my passion because I love the creative arrangement process and making artful production choices to find the best sounds,” Mayer said. “I helped a local rapper by making a beat and also worked remotely with a singer in California to add some production sparkle to one of her tracks.”

rebekahmayer music

Her passion for helping other aspiring artists come from a love for being an artist herself and working on her own tracks. Her own journey has given her insight into what independent artists need and what they look for in a producer. 

“I think being an artist myself has given me insights into what independent artists need these days and what they look for in a producer,” Mayer said. 

One of the most essential skills needed as an artist is the ability to network. Mayer attributes her networking skills to her time at Morningside and the different events she was able to attend. By practicing and getting comfortable with meeting new people, she has been able to expand her horizons to create better and bigger music. 

“Through my current artist project as Lexi X, I actually nailed a collab including a remix with a commercially successful rapper, Honey-B-Sweet,” Mayer said. “I am currently working on my debut album with collaborations from six different Sioux City rappers through networking that I’ve done.”

One of the biggest contributors to her ability to network was the time she spent at Morningside, pursuing her counseling psychology degree.

rebekahmayer graduation

“I learned how to network at Morningside through a Sioux City Growth Organization event that I was able to be a part of one year. I was always amazed at the quality of programming and the things I was able to learn from attending career events,” Mayer said. 

She was able to gain more appreciation for networking amongst various other things during her undergrad. She found a connection between her passion for music and her counseling psychology degree – the value of living a healthy and sober life. 

“Singing and doing music is a huge motivator for me to keep positive and build good habits to fill my time. It gives me a coping outlet,” Mayer said. “Building mastery in a subject and expressing emotions is both cathartic and a natural self esteem builder. You do both in music.”

By building a company that she sees has true value, Mayer has been able to see both positives and negatives of being her own boss.

“It feels liberating at times when you’re motivated and it allows you to take charge of your time management and projects. On the other hand, it’s easy to procrastinate or feel down on yourself if you get stuck on something. I have learned to reach out and talk about it with someone, especially within my online music circle,” Mayer said. 

rebekahmayer self

Mayer does plan on continuing her education at some point, but is focused on loving life and focusing on her journey in order to avoid burnout. On top of her music business, she is working at Rosecrance Jackson Centers as a Unit Specialist and studying to get her license to be a temporary certified addictions counselor. 

Her advice to both young alumni and current students is to take care of your mental health and stay focused on your goals. 

“Take things one day at a time and don’t let anybody else define the timeline of how your life unfolds after graduation,” Mayer said. “Don’t feel discouraged from pursuing your own dreams and goals just because there’s competition, or because you see someone else’s results. If you are putting in effort, something good will come out of it, no matter how long it takes.”