Applying for Aid

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There's a lot to know when it comes to financial aid.

Between Morningside scholarships and grants, federal and state awards, and private scholarships and loans, there is a lot to navigate. That's why our team of financial aid experts is here to help you find every penny to make your education possible. 

Step One: Consider Private Scholarships

Every little bit helps. You can get started on private scholarship applications early in your college search. We highly recommend the following resources as you begin exploring private scholarship opportunities.

Step Two: Complete the FAFSA

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the next major step in determining your financial aid package. The FAFSA is available starting October 1, 2019. Once your admissions application is complete, you'll want to complete your FAFSA. You'll need to gather some financial information and have Morningside's federal code handy.

Morningside's Federal Code: 001879

More FAFSA Information

Step Three: We'll Formulate Your Aid Package

Using the information from the FAFSA, we'll determine which federal and state aid you are eligible for, add in the Morningside scholarships and grants you qualify for, and propose any additional loans to make ends meet. Depending on your family's income level, there may also be a calculated expected family contribution (EFC). One of our advisors will be happy to personally go over your package with you so you fully understand your responsibility.