Financial Aid

Let us help make your Morningside experience possible through financial aid

"I can't afford private college."

We hear those words a lot. We know the cost of college is a big factor for students and families considering Morningside. But we also know your Morningside investment pays dividends when you graduate in four years or less and get a job or start grad school within six months of graduation.

Plus, the actual cost of tuition at Morningside for the majority of our students is much less than you might think.

The biggest reason? 100% of full-time undergraduate Morningside students receive financial assistance through scholarships, grants, and need-based aid. Every. Single. Student.


Morningside is competitive with public college and university tuition

The average cost of a public college or university is about $18,000 a year. While the sticker price for Morningside might be higher in the beginning, the truth is we offer more scholarships, grants, and need-based aid than your average public college or university. As such, most Morningside students receive an award package that makes the actual cost of a Morningside education comprable to (and sometimes even less than) a state college or university.


Is a Morningside education worth it?

The small, private college setting and rich experiences offered at our Sioux City, Iowa campus and around the world are second to none. We know it's a big investment, though. That's why we stand by the education we offer with our XP Guarantee.  It's our assurance that you will:

  • Earn your undergraduate degree in four years or less.
  • Gain employment or acceptance to grad school within six months of graduation.
  • Enjoy experiential learning opportunities that will help you grow and prepare for your future.

See the details and requirements for The Morningside XP Guarantee here.


Get the process started

We can talk in averages, but the only way to know what the cost of a Morningside education will be for you is to submit your application, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), and meet with our financial aid team on campus in Sioux City, IA (or by phone or online) so we can present you with an award package.

Here’s how you can get started:

  1. Apply for admission. It’s the only way Morningside can consider you for financial aid.
  2. Schedule a campus visit. Tour. Meet faculty. Experience the Morningside difference.
  3. Let us know if you’d like to be considered for a talent award.
  4. Sit back and enjoy our hassle-free scholarship process that requires no application or interview.
  5. File your FAFSA as soon as possible after Oct. 1 and list Morningside’s code: 001879.
  6. Submit additional forms or verification if needed.
  7. Look for your Morningside award package online or in the mail.


Our financial aid experts are here to help

Our goal is to help students succeed, and financial aid is a big part of that. Our financial aid staff has combined experience of more than 50 years working in financial aid. They have seen it all and can sit down with your family to find different ways to help you find the best way to make a Morningside education financially possible.

Contact our financial aid office online, email us at, or give us a call at 712-274-5159 and we'll help you out however we can.