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Morningside College students participate in various foreign study abroad programs. Most programs provide opportunities for extensive travel in addition to regular classroom studies. Although these programs usually provide excellent experience for language students, work is available in English-speaking countries as well. Financial aid is available to help with the costs of our study abroad options.

Check out how studying abroad transforms lives!


"My study abroad semester enabled me to meet many professors from diverse backgrounds, each bringing a unique perspective, an interesting teaching style, and valuable knowledge to the table. Researching about the North Korean nuclear threat with a former advisor to the South Korean government and participant of the six-party-talks, or learning about economic regionalism in South East Asia from a Malaysian professor, enriched my academic experience enormously.

-Joschua Schanda (Kansai Gaidai, Japan)


"Living in Japan helped me to develop some basic life skills that will continue being useful throughout my adult life. I now feel comfortable using public transportation and travelling by myself. I feel like I’m more at ease when it comes to interacting with strangers and being in large groups of people."

-Madison Pierson (Kansai Gaidai, Japan)


    "I had a great time in South Africa! I was able to explore the magnificent landscape with great people I met from all over the world. The terrific experience was embedded in a challenging academic environment which helped me to grow as a person. Stellenbosch University is recognized as one of the best universities in South Africa. I mainly enrolled in political science and sociology courses such as “Transitional Justice in Africa” where we examined how African countries dealt with wars and human rights abuses -politically and socially. The classes were challenging but I felt that my time at Morningside prepared me very well to pass all courses without problems."

-Hannes Kraft (Stellenbosch, South Africa)


"After reflecting on my semester abroad I genuinely believe that it has been the best one of my life. I was fascinated by the university, Japanese culture, and the people, and I would not trade my experiences for anything. From first arriving at my seminar house to the day of departure, almost every day has not only been fun, but also an adventure and a learning experience."

-Tim Erdmann (Kansai Gaidai, Japan)

"My passion is for the environment and I am attending graduate school for environmental science, so the courses I took in Australia were all pertaining to the environment. There is no better place to study the environment than in Australia because of the natural beauty and the proximity to various natural wonders such as Uluru and the Great Barrier Reef. The school I studied at, Griffith University, also has one of the best environmental science programs in all of Australia and I was able to take classes with some of the top researchers in the field I would like to become a part of in the future. This experience also set me up very well professionally. Although I was unable to work in Australia, the coursework I took allowed me to network with various professionals in my field of study. I was able to attend a conference on Environmental Law and hear from some of the top environmental lawyers in Australia. Various projects and presentations also helped me improve my public speaking which is always a useful tool to have no matter what sort of work you choose."

-Alex Watkins (Griffith University, Austrailia)