Study Abroad

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Morningside College students participate in various foreign study abroad programs. Most programs provide opportunities for extensive travel in addition to regular classroom studies. Although these programs usually provide excellent experience for language students, work is available in English-speaking countries as well. Financial aid is available to help with the costs of our study abroad options.

Check out how studying abroad transforms lives!

N_Wolken"Prior to my experience I had struggled to understand myself but was hopeful to do so abroad. Moving to a new place where no one knew my name allowed me to fully be and find myself. Ultimately this allowed me to accept change and accept growth. By immersing myself in this abundance of opportunity I have come to one conclusion: I have been fortunate enough to accomplish everything I could have asked for and more. I encourage anyone who is interested in studying abroad to put fear aside and just go. It truly is a life changing experience."

-Niccole Wolken (London, Scotland)

"Studying abroad was one of the best experiences of my life that I will never forget. From experiencing the culture of different countries, to trying new foods and making new friends, there was always something new to do or see. I was very reluctant to go to England the last couple weeks before my departure, but I wouldn't change my experience for the world."

-Ashton Schweers (Ormskirk, England)

S_Ruiz"I have no words to explain how amazing my experience was when I studied abroad because there are no words that can adequately express it. What I can say is that I have made friends for life, I mastered a language that I grew up with and I learned things that would have never been possible doing it within the states... If anyone is ever on the fence about studying abroad, I will say to jump at the opportunity because they will not be able to regret it. If they don't know how they can afford it, the school can be a great help to make that happen."

-Sheila Ruiz (Seville, Spain)