Program Overview.

Projects are the class, Siouxland is the classroom

Learning shouldn’t just be sitting at a desk. It should be active. Immediately tried and tested so you can start making your ideas, work, goals, and dreams come alive. That’s what Project Siouxland is all about.

Morningside University established Project Siouxland to create a learning environment where you’ll be engaged and active from day one. This is no traditional college classroom or lecture hall. We give you access to the Siouxland community so you can put energy behind your education and help leave the world a little better as you learn.


Connect with a real world project that matters to you

Through Project Siouxland, you will have the opportunity to drive your learning. Community partners from around the area will present you with various projects. You can pick the project for you based on your interests and talents. That project will be the basis of your Project Siouxland experience.

Once you select a project, you’ll work with your community partner to move from ideas to execution. Meanwhile, faculty and staff Morningside will act as Project Siouxland facilitators, consulting and providing teaching moments based on the needs of your project. As you need to learn a particular skill or navigate an issue, they will be there to help you keep things moving.


Make a difference as you learn and grow

Project Siouxland is all about taking what you learn and immediately putting it into action in the real world. Your project allows you to make a difference in the community while learning by doing. You are in the driver’s seat of your education, gaining relevant skills and experience that future employers will love.


Stay on track – and be better prepared – to graduate

While the learning environment offered by Project Siouxland is different than a traditional classroom, what is NOT different are the credits and grades you learn. You will be graded on your efforts and earn credits toward your degree just as you would in a more traditional classroom environment.


Community Partners

Morningside University is proud to partner with non-profit, public, and community-based organizations throughout Siouxland. If you or your organization is interested in partnering with Project Siouxland.

Community Partners