Read the Weekly COVID-19 Update from Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2021. 

You can find the most updated dashboard numbers here, and the historical data here. For those interested, you can also check out the latest trends report from Siouxland District Health.

The campus will continue to operate in YELLOW. Again, our thanks to everyone for following guidelines. It has made all the difference.

Per my email over the weekend, Morningside will continue to follow the guidelines we have had in place since fall. The health and safety of our campus community is our top priority. Given that we know these guidelines to be effective, we have no plans to alter them at this time. Please continue to wear your mask, wear your mask properly, avoid large groups, practice frequent handwashing and good hygiene, and stay home when you are ill.

Today, we are also pleased to announce that our on-campus Test Iowa site now has rapid COVID-19 tests for our undergraduate students, faculty, and staff. These tests are an important tool in protecting our campus. Attached, you will find updated information regarding the testing process and how to schedule a test at our on-campus Test Iowa site. Please review this information and continue to use the testing site when you need it.

Related, please also be sure to collect and save any documentation you receive related to COVID-19 test results or vaccinations. This type of documentation is being required and requested more frequently by various groups. Morningside will provide you with documentation of your test results for our on-campus Test Iowa site. If you receive a test or vaccine off-campus, you are strongly encouraged to obtain documentation in the event you are asked for it.

Please continue to take good care of one another and yourselves.

Be well,