SIOUX CITY, Iowa – An interdisciplinary team including members of the School of Business and the Applied Agriculture and Food Sciences department received a VentureWell Course & Program Grant for $29,904. The grant provides funding to develop a pair of interdisciplinary courses with the Applied Agriculture and Food Sciences department and to begin creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem at Morningside University. 

The grants awarded by VentureWell are given to faculty or staff at a higher education institution to support curriculum that engages students in science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship. Sandall and the School of Business were one of 27 recipients. 

“We are grateful for the partnership with VentureWell to establish an interdisciplinary experiential entrepreneurship ecosystem at Morningside University,” said Sandall. “This will benefit the students at Morningside as well as the entire Siouxland region as we help students become successful entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship and the resulting small business growth are the fuel of our nation’s economy, and we are excited to continue being a regional resource for future small business leaders in the Siouxland.”

The School of Business and the Applied Agriculture and Food Studies Department have partnered to create socially responsible agronomics processes to ensure inclusive access to nutritional equity, with students learning entrepreneurial skills through developing ventures aimed at solving urban food desert conditions.