Retired accounting professor updates book for tax preparers

January 25, 2018, in Business Administration, Latest News

James M. Hopkins, CPA, retired professor of accounting at Morningside College, recently published a new 2017 edition of his book, “Family Tax Benefits for Qualifying Child and Qualifying Relative Dependents.”

The book covers such topics as personal and dependency exemptions, qualifying children and qualifying relative dependents, the child and dependent care credit, child tax credit, earned income credit, how to file when divorced, and head of household filing status. It lays out a variety of possible situations, such as when a grandparent or a sibling might be able to claim a dependent, personal and dependency exemptions in the year of death, or what to do if the parents live together but never married.

The updated book can be used when preparing 2017 tax returns. It includes new regulations issued by the Internal Revenue Service one year ago.

Hopkins taught income tax and accounting classes at Morningside College for 30 years. He recently retired and is an adjunct professor at Morningside. In addition to teaching, he has 13 years of experience in public accounting and private industry. He maintains a tax consulting practice in the area.

During his teaching career, Hopkins wrote articles that were published in the Journal of Accountancy, The CPA Journal, Taxes – The Tax Magazine, Practical Tax Strategies, the “Personal and Dependency Exemptions” chapter in Lexis Guide to Family Tax Matters, and publications of the National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP).

His book can be purchased online at or at