Professors present at psychology convention

March 21, 2017, in Psychology, Latest News

Jessica LaPaglia Jessica Pleuss Shannon Claxton Shannon De Clute

Four Morningside College psychology professors recently gave presentations at the convention of the National Institute on the Teaching of Psychology in St. Pete Beach, Fla.

Jessica LaPaglia gave a presentation on a course she designed on learning and memory. LaPaglia used evidence-based methods to improve student learning and written reflections on those methods to garner student buy-in.

Jessica Pleuss presented a poster titled “Do They Check? An Exploration of Student Engagement with Instructors’ Written Feedback.” The focus of this study was to determine how many students read faculty feedback on assignments and how this can be changed.

Shannon Claxton presented as part of an idea exchange titled “Promoting Student Resilience.” This presentation focused on ways to help students learn from failure. It highlighted techniques that foster student resilience, allowing students to be better equipped for the challenges they may face. 

Shannon De Clute presented a poster titled “Addressing the Needs of Students Through Addressing the Needs of Campus.” This poster focused on ways to provide students with necessary skills related to the mental health field while providing the campus with necessary psychoeducation.