Professor and students have research paper on wild card poker published

October 28, 2016, in Latest News, Mathematics

Chris Spicer Ashley Fiedler Carlie Maasz Monta Meirose

Chris Spicer, associate professor of mathematical sciences at Morningside College, and three students recently had a research paper published that examines wild card poker.

The paper, “Extreme Wild Card Poker,” was published in the Mathematical Association of America’s Mathematics Magazine. It determined the number of wild cards that would need to be added to a standard 52-card deck to make five-of-a-kind the most common hand.

Spicer wrote the article with three seniors at Morningside College: Ashley Fiedler of Bloomfield, Neb.; Carlie Maasz of Sleepy Eye, Minn.; and Monta Meirose of Hartington, Neb.

Spicer came to Morningside in the fall of 2009. He received his doctorate from North Dakota State University.