by Shawna Fernau

After being influenced by a brutal rape that was committed in her home country of India that caused the young woman to pass away 15 days later, Dr. Dalbir’s outlook on life changed dramatically. She discovered a deep-seated passion for criminology and criminal justice. “I love it, and every day, I’m more passionate about it,” Dr. Dalbir shared. Deciding to pursue a career within this domain, Dr. Dalbir embarked on her American academic adventure, initially as a student at the University of Nebraska Omaha. Her undergraduate studies in India, culminating in a bachelor’s degree in commerce and another in education, paled in comparison to her newfound interest in criminology. Following her acquisition of a master’s degree and a Ph.D. in the field, she sought professional avenues in the U.S. Though initially joining Stonehill College in Massachusetts, it was the Midwest that eventually felt like home. A job listing for a criminal justice professor position at Morningside prompted her decision to move. Her experience at Morningside has been exactly what she envisioned, affirming her belief in the institution as an extraordinary workplace. Dr. Dalbir’s commitment to Sioux City and Morningside University mirrors her dedication to being an integral part of its community fabric.

Beyond the Classroom: Dr. Dalbir’s Dedication to Her Passions

Dr. Dalbir’s eclectic range of interests has taken her from the intricacies of the criminal justice system to the literal peaks of adventure. In addition to her professorial responsibilities at Morningside, she delights in climbing, hiking, singing, reading, among other activities. “I have climbed a tree 30 feet high. It’s a straight tree. I’m an avid climber,” she noted. Her fluency in four languages and ability to sing in twelve underscore her multifaceted talents. Once the lead vocalist of a rock band, Dr. Dalbir now channels her strategic thinking into conceptualizing battle tactics. “Every time I start reading about a battle, I think about their next step. I know I’m good at that. One day, I want to write a book on battle strategies.” Her fondness for thrill-seeking, especially via go-karting, reaffirms her adventurous spirit. Despite having a diverse array of hobbies, Dr. Dalbir believes in the endless pursuit of new experiences.

Dr. Dalbir’s Vision to Create Change: Corrections and Rehabilitation

Entwined with her academic pursuits is Dr. Dalbir’s fervent engagement with correctional studies. Her focus expands beyond academic intrigue, gravitating towards tangible reforms aimed at preventing individuals from entering or reentering the criminal justice system. “I want to stop people from coming into the fold of the criminal justice system,” she articulates, underscoring her commitment to policy development and inmate rehabilitation. Her involvement in publications on corrections and her aim to further enrich this discourse, particularly around Sioux City, highlight her dedication to impactful scholarship.

Live and Learn: Dr. Dalbir’s Dedication to Education and Beyond

Dr. Dalbir’s passion extends beyond her varied interests to a profound belief in lifelong learning. As an educator, she strives for excellence, fostering a learning environment marked by humor and relatability. Her personal and professional life is deeply influenced by Sikh teachings, notably the ethos of perpetual learning. “Never believe that you know everything because you cannot know everything,” she often quotes, reflecting her philosophy. Dr. Dalbir’s commitment to expanding her knowledge, both inside and outside the classroom, continues to define her multifaceted journey.

Shawna Fernau is a junior counseling psychology and developmental psychology double major