Morningside University purchases 76 acres of land to continue growth in ag curriculum

Mar 22, 2022 • Agricultural and Food Studies, Faculty & Staff News, Student News
aerial view of acres purchased

Morningside University has purchased 76 acres of land southeast of Sioux City that will be integrated into the curriculum of the Regina Roth Applied Agricultural and Food Studies Department.

“This purchase not only adds high-quality land to our investment portfolio but continues our work to provide students interested in pursuing a career in the agricultural sector more active learning experiences,” said Morningside University President John Reynders. “We are incredibly grateful to our Board of Directors for working with us to make this purchase possible.”

The two parcels of land that were purchased include just over 63 acres that are north of Old Highway 141 and a little more than 13 acres that are located south of Old Highway 141. Morningside intends to use the land for active learning opportunities related to topics such as agribusiness management, budgeting, hybrid analysis, and crop scouting. Additionally, it is expected that new areas of study may be developed in the future.

“Our faculty have done a great job of building a robust curriculum with lots of great opportunities for students over the last several years. The acquisition of this land will enhance that work while giving us significant growth potential,” said Vice President for Academic Affairs Chris Spicer. “This is a tremendous opportunity for the Regina Roth Applied Agricultural and Food Studies Department, our Board of Directors, students, faculty, and staff.”

The Morningside University Regina Roth Applied Agricultural and Food Studies Department was launched in 2015 in response to the demand for talent in the agriculture sector in the Siouxland area and beyond. Since that time, the program has experienced significant growth and has implemented a variety of experiential learning opportunities for its students, including an on-campus garden and the recent addition of the Rosen Ag Center and Lags Greenhouse.

“The addition of this land will allow our students and faculty to take research and learning they are already doing to a whole new level,” said Dr. Tom Paulsen, associate professor and head of the Regina Roth Applied Agricultural and Food Studies Department. “We are truly grateful to all those who have provided the generous support for our programs to flourish.”

View the sale bill here.  Morningside purchased parcels one and two. 



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