Sioux City, IA – Greg Guelcher, professor of history at Morningside College, was featured in a book chapter in “International Faculty with Fujian Hwa Nan Women’s College Since 1908,” a publication by Hwa Nan Women’s College, Morningside’s sister school in Fuzhou, China.

Hwa Nan Women’s College was founded by a Morningside graduate in 1908 and its first three presidents were alumna Lydia Trimble, Ida Belle Lewis, and Lucy Wang. The first women’s college in China and the only private women’s college in China today, Hwa Nan began as a high school and teacher training school and added college freshman and sophomore work in 1914. The chapter details his teachings and connections to the college, including courses he taught and the impact of and on the Morningside students and his family who accompanied him during visits.

Guelcher came to Morningside in 1996 with the teaching philosophy that education must be made personal to be effective. To accomplish this, he created a classroom environment where students are engaged and eager to be part of discussions. He is active in professional organizations and conferences and continues to produce and edit scholarly work. Guelcher teaches Asian history, 20th-century world history, Middle Eastern history, and disciplinary writing. He earned his B.S. at the College of Wooster and his M.A. and Ph.D. at the University of Illinois.