An essay by Elizabeth Coody, assistant professor of religious studies at Morningside, was published in the Religious Studies Review.

Sioux City, Iowa“Teaming Up with Muslim Superheroes in Comics and in Our World,” an essay by Elizabeth Coody, assistant professor of religious studies at Morningside College, was published in the Religious Studies Review in November 2020.

Coody’s essay explores “Kismet: Man of Fate,” a comic by A. David Lewis and Noel Tuazon. Set in 2016, “Kismet: Man of Fate” follows the title character as he recovers from the death of his crime-fighting partner and strives to inspire social change in Boston while protecting the city and people that he loves. The essay presents the superhero-revival comic as an ally in work that supports interfaith dialogue and positive representations of Muslims in the contemporary United States.

Coody earned her Bachelor of Arts in English from Centenary College of Louisiana, Master of Arts in Religious Studies from the Iliff School of Theology, and Ph.D. with a Concentration in Biblical Interpretation from the University Denver and Iliff School of Theology Joint Doctoral program in Religious and Theological Studies. Her interests include the intersections of religion and everyday life including popular culture, gender and sexuality, and interdisciplinary and interfaith dialogue.

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