Sioux City, IA – Morningside College is pleased to announce the addition of a criminal justice major to its undergraduate program offerings beginning in fall 2020. 

Students majoring in criminal justice will be prepared for careers in legal studies and law enforcement through active learning opportunities and hands-on experiences that leverage critical thinking skills to explore the importance of criminal justice in our society. Criminal justice will replace the social and behavioral science program, though students currently majoring in social and behavioral science will be able to complete their degree. Current students may declare criminal justice as a major now, and the program will start next fall.

“The addition of the criminal justice major emphasizes Morningside’s commitment to innovation in higher education and responding to the needs of our community,” says Chris Spicer, Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs. “Civic responsibility is a key part of our mission, and we’re excited to provide students with a new opportunity to grow as people, professionals, and public servants.”

Morningside is currently conducting a national search for two faculty members in criminal justice, criminology, or related fields. To learn more about the positions, visit

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