Morningside College recently announced four new full-time employees and a new appointment.

LeeAnn Gates Cindy Houlsworth Zachary Pace Lauretta Shaver Davi Gradert


Morningside College recently announced four new full-time employees and a new appointment.

The new employees are LeeAnn Gates, student notebook coordinator and information technology purchasing agent; Cindy Houlsworth, campus visit coordinator; Zachary Pace, area coordinator/student activities coordinator; and Lauretta Shaver, copy center and mailroom technician. Davi Gradert is in a new position as associate registrar.

Gates is responsible for the college’s Student Notebook Program and for information technology purchasing. She also assists students, faculty and staff with work stations, computers and classroom technologies. Gates previously was a contract administrator for Sterling Computers Corporation. She has a bachelor’s degree from Bellevue University.

Houlsworth serves as the primary liaison between the admissions office and both internal and external publics. She coordinates all individual campus visits, and she recruits faculty to meet with prospective students during admissions events. Houlsworth previously was a building assistant for the Sioux City Community School District.

Pace lives on campus and coordinates day-to-day functions in one of the residence halls. He also assists with the development of student activities and programs as the adviser for the Morningside Activities Council. Pace previously was a graduate assistant at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where he earned a master’s degree.

Shaver coordinates production activities in the copy center, operating high-volume copy equipment and related production equipment. She also supervises student workers and coordinates mailroom operations. Shaver previously was an accounting and customer service agent at Pioneer-Wooldridge Insurance.

Gradert assists the registrar in managing and supervising the registrar’s office, which serves as the focal point for accumulating, processing, recording and maintaining student data. Gradert previously was a transcript analyst for the graduate education program at Morningside. She has a bachelor’s degree from Chadron State College.