A message from President Reynders about the importance of following COVID-19 guidelines.

Good afternoon –

Another weekend has arrived at Morningside. I hope all of you find a way to enjoy the fresh air and the beauty of the fall season. As you do, please keep the words that follow in mind…

Over the last two weeks, we have seen several cases of a student testing positive for COVID-19, then identifying 10 or more other students with whom they have had close contact in the 48 hours prior to symptoms starting or receiving a positive result. Those close contacts are then sent to quarantine for 14 days. This week alone, there were four positive cases that resulted in almost 50 people in quarantine.

Such situations have resulted in almost 10% of students being put into quarantine. That means more conversations are beginning to happen about if it is time to shift to orange.

Many of you have expressed that you want in-person classes to continue. We know how much co-curriculars like music and athletics mean to your Morningside experience. To keep classes and activities happening in-person, we need every single member of this campus taking the guidelines seriously.

Please understand that these guidelines aren’t just Morningside rules. Everything we have put in place aligns with what CDC and local public health recommendations.

To reiterate:

  • Wear a face covering as often as you can.
  • Wash your hands. Frequently.
  • Physically distance from others.
  • Practice self care, and care for others in the community by following the guidelines.
  • Limit who you have close contact with (less than six feet, longer than 15 minutes). Should you test positive for COVID, every person you have had close contact with the 48 hours prior to symptoms starting/receiving your positive result will be required to quarantine for 14 days. Consider that when you are making choices about where and how you spend your time.

Please take care of one another and yourselves this weekend and going forward so we can begin to reverse the trend we have been seeing. Be well, Morningside.

John Reynders
Morningside College