Morningside University’s School of Visual and Performing Arts presents “Hamlette: The Conscience of A Queen” July 14-17 as the second installment of the new Summer Classical Theater Series.

Curtain is 8 p.m. at the Buhler Outdoor Performance Center.

hamlette2 1Breeanna Price (left) is the lead in the production. The production is based off the Summer Undergraduate Research Project being done by Breeanna Pierce and assistant professor of performing arts Taylor Clemens. The project focuses on creating a dramaturgically researched script adaptation of Hamlet that features a cast that is gender-bent (when a historically male character is portrayed as female and a historically female character is portrayed as male).

The cast features Pierce as Hamlette; alumnus Joey Volquartsen as Claudia; Abby Lincoln as Horatia; Noah Rubida as Olivier; Brian King as King Geralt; Hope Johnson as Polonia and the Priest; Holland Larned as Laerta; Jonathan Foster as Guildensterne; alumnus Austin Brunick as Rosincrance; and Nathanael Roop as Marcellus. Clemens serves as the production director.

The School of Visual and Performing Arts is an integral part of the campus foundation and community. Vocal, visual, and instrumental arts are traditions Morningside has upheld since the school’s founding. All performing arts are open to any student on campus, no matter the major. Ranging from choral music to instrumentals, and theatre productions, students are given the opportunity to explore time periods, languages, and cultures, as well as touring regionally, or nationally and internationally.