To Our Current and Future Morningside Community –

The global health crisis we find ourselves in has inflicted much change and harm on our lives in a short amount of time. Even higher education, which is often criticized for our speed of operation, has moved quickly to adapt to these new circumstances. Morningside is no exception.

We now find ourselves weeks into this crisis with many questions about how the future might look. I won’t claim to have all those answers, but my intent in writing to you today is to assure you of one thing: when fall semester arrives, Morningside College will be open.

Despite the uncertainty of the times, the incoming Class of 2024 continues to stay in touch with us and plan for fall. We are on track to welcome more than 350 new students. Current students are busy registering for fall courses and planning for internships and research projects. Athletes are conditioning and strength training. Musicians and performers continue to practice their craft. Our faculty and staff are planning and preparing.

When fall semester arrives, Morningside faculty, staff, and students will be ready.

In making those plans and preparations, all of us at Morningside are working under the assumption that COVID-19 will remain a factor in our lives. We know that when we open, Morningside will need to be incredibly conscious of the health and safety of our campus community. There is nothing I take more seriously than the well-being of the students and people on this campus. As such, we are working closely with public health and other officials to think through potential scenarios. We are implementing new practices designed to keep students well. We will have plans in place for a multitude of possibilities.

When fall semester arrives, Morningside will be prepared to do our part to protect your health and safety.

In doing so, we will also offer you the kind of education and college experience you deserve. Though COVID-19 has spun us, it hasn’t knocked us down. There are so many incredible things happening on this campus. Experiential learning continues to grow and expand, including the recent addition of an experiential learning requirement to our curriculum that will set our students and their Morningside education apart. Programs are researching and innovating. Our co-curricular activities – from athletics to fine arts to leadership – remain second to none. This is a place where students don’t just learn. They truly grow and develop in ways that continually astound us.

When fall semester arrives, Morningside will be ready to help you achieve your goals.

Morningside is also growing. Our nursing program began offering our first doctorate last fall, a Doctor of Nursing Practice. This fall we will launch a RN to BSN program. Our education department just established nine new master’s degree options. We will be announcing the launch of an aviation program in tandem with industry partners this summer. There are incredible trips and events in the works. And, there are a few surprises coming that will elevate Morningside even more.

When fall semester arrives, Morningside will continue to grow and look to the future.

It is for all these reasons and more that what we offer at Morningside has so much value. It is also the reason we offer the Morningside XP Guarantee. As a reminder, that is our guarantee that you will graduate with experience, in four years or less, and with a job or accepted to grad school within six months of graduation. There aren’t many places that offer that kind of guarantee, but that’s how confident we are in what we offer at Morningside.

When fall semester arrives, Morningside will give you an incredible small college experience – guaranteed.

I know so much about this crisis has been devastating, but one thing that many of us have been reminded of is the importance of family. For my wife, Robin, and I, Morningside has been our home and family for 21 years. We have been through so much with this community. We know better than almost anyone just how remarkable, supportive, and caring the Morningside family is.

When fall semester arrives, this Morningside family will face it together.

As you and your family navigate this time, I want you to know that the Morningside family is here for you. We look forward to welcoming you. We promise to do everything we can to keep you healthy and safe, and we will most certainly do everything possible to give you an outstanding college experience.

When fall semester arrives, your Morningside College experience will still matter – and so will you.

From our Morningside family to yours, please be well. I hope to see you this fall.


John Reynders


Morningside College