At Morningside, experience matters.

At Morningside, experience matters.

It isn’t simply the distinction of our programs, our rich 125-year history, or our world class faculty. Those are important elements of the Morningside experience, to be sure, but it’s our culture and community that truly set us apart.

Morningside has a mission to create life-long learners who are dedicated to ethical leadership and civic responsibility. Employers, meanwhile, tell us they are looking for individuals who possess skills beyond just technical know-how. That’s why we use project-based learning and active learning experiences to engage students in real-world challenges beginning their first year. Plus, we have the good fortune of being in the heart of Sioux City, Iowa’s fourth largest city, providing no shortage of experiential learning opportunities.

Through active learning, students develop a framework within which to make decisions and construct ideas for any situation they encounter, whether personal or professional. Morningside College isn’t simply building a workforce. We are shaping thoughtful humans prepared for a meaningful life.

That’s also a reason we encourage participation in co-curriculars such as travel, music, athletics, or faith-based activities. We view co-curriculars as another arena within which students can apply learning. Larger colleges often ask students to set aside one passion in favor of another. At Morningside, we welcome students with many interests and even cultivate those interests to further enhance the learning experience.

Most importantly, though, we take great pride in the fact that some of the first words students use to describe Morningside are family, home, comfortable, and inclusive. Students feel welcome here. They feel safe. They are empowered to go further and fly higher. They are part of more than just a particular major or a program. The environment helps shape them and connects them for a lifetime.

That’s exactly what we want, too. We are proud that the Morningside experience extends long past graduation. As such, we continue to develop resources and opportunities at Morningside for alumni to access throughout their lifetime.

We are so sure of Morningside College and the quality of experience your student will have that we offer the XP Guarantee, which stipulates your student will graduate in four years or less and have a job or be headed to graduate school within six months of graduation. That’s how confident we are in the education offered at Morningside College.

The Morningside experience isn’t just about preparing your student for a job. It’s about preparing and shaping students for life’s journey and creating a community upon which they can rely. Experience matters here, and that will continue to be our focus for students past, present, and future.

John Reynders


Morningside College