Read the final COVID-19 weekly update for Fall 2020. 

Congratulations. We have officially made it to the final day of in-person classes for fall semester 2020.

The latest dashboard report is available here and historical trends here. This will be our final dashboard update until Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2021, once classes have resumed.

The campus will remain in Operation Level YELLOW.

For Students Departing for Winter Break

  • Please make sure you follow all checkout procedures.
  • Make sure you double-check your student account and have pre-registered for spring classes.
  • Double-check COVID-19 guidelines at your destination if you plan to travel.
  • If you become ill prior to checkout, please contact residence life immediately. They can assist you if you should need to remain on campus.
  • Should you become ill at the end of Winter Break, please do not return to campus until you have completed your isolation or quarantine.

For Students and Employees On-Campus During Winter Break

  • The Test Iowa site will be closed Wednesday, Nov. 25-Sunday, Nov. 29, for Thanksgiving Break. Beginning Monday, Nov. 30, testing will be available by appointment only Monday-Friday through Friday, Dec. 18. Please follow the instructions for setting up an appointment here. The testing site will reopen prior to the start of spring semester.
  • If you become ill or are exposed to COVID-19 once the Test Iowa site is closed, please contact your preferred health care provider for testing. Campus Nurse Judi Neswick has provided a list of resources (attached).

On behalf of our campus leadership, thank you for your part in helping us get through this unusual semester. Your spirit of cooperation and dedication to caring for one another allowed us to cross the finish line of this semester together. Thank you for the part you played in helping us reach this moment.

Please have a restful, happy, safe, and healthy Winter Break.

Be well,