Read the Weekly COVID-19 Update from November 3, 2020. 

The latest dashboard report is available here, historical trends here, and the latest trends report from Siouxland District Health is here.

Our operation level this week will remain in YELLOW for all academic elements, and in ORANGE for all non-academic elements.

WIth break just three weeks away, there are some important things to consider before leaving campus:

  • If you haven’t received your flu shot yet, please consider getting it.
  • If you will be traveling to another state or country, review travel regulations and make sure you are prepared for any guidelines that may be in place.
  • Take extra care to minimize your risk of exposure in these weeks leading up to departing from campus. Exposure to COVID-19 in the next few weeks may disrupt your travel or holiday plans, or may put loved ones at risk. Reduce or limit the number of people with whom you have close contact prior to traveling.

Please remain vigilant as we begin counting down to the end of the semester. Continue wearing your mask. Wash your hands. Limit close contact with others. Make good choices. Study hard.

Be well, Morningside.