Read the Weekly COVID-19 Update from November 10, 2020. 

The latest dashboard report is available here, historical trends here, and the latest trends report from Siouxland District Health is here.

Given that our numbers remain low, we have made the decision to move all aspects of the campus back to Operation Level YELLOW.

It’s worth emphasizing that our numbers have remained stable because of the consistent mask-wearing and following of guidance we have seen on campus. Given that many of you are planning to travel to see loved ones in the next few weeks, please continue to follow guidelines so you don’t become exposed or ill with COVID-19.

A few reminders and considerations as break approaches:

  • Make sure you are pre-registered for spring classes.
  • Please check your student account to take care of any business you may have here on campus. If there are items you need assistance with, please contact an advisor, our Business Office, the Office of Financial Planning, or other offices that can assist you.
  • If you plan to travel for break, review any travel guidelines that may be in place.
  • Take extra care to minimize your risk of exposure in these weeks leading up to departing from campus. Exposure to COVID-19 in the next few weeks may disrupt your travel or holiday plans or may put loved ones at risk. Reduce or limit the number of people with whom you have close contact prior to traveling.

Study hard. Wear your mask. Wash your hands. Make good choices. We are just two weeks from the end of in-person classes for this semester, and we are incredibly grateful to everyone who has done their part to get us this far.

Be well, Morningside.